Improve marketing performance through print campaigns.

Offer your clients the leading multi-location marketing platform while streamlining your processes and eliminating operational costs.
Trusted by global retailers & brands
Increase client satisfaction with improved print marketing effectiveness.
Full control of campaigns, including allocations, creative, distribution and implementation.
Reduce waste and costs by up to 60% through efficient processes.

You handle the print.
We’ll handle the tech.

Colateral is the leading independent marketing platform for improving print campaign performance. We align marketing, operations, designers, printers, and store teams around a single source of truth. So you can focus on print, and we’ll focus on the tech.

Eradication inefficiencies in every campaign.

Colateral empowers teams to run more effective campaigns with less waste and less manual input.


Reduction in time to plan and manage campaigns.


Reduction in wasted marketing materials.


Display compliance in every location.

A single source of truth for you and your clients.

Colateral provides end-to-end control of print marketing campaigns, from creation to production and implementation.

A window into location marketing

Gain full visibility of locations, including layouts, attributes, and customer demographics.


Reach customers with the right messaging

Unlock insights across your marketing to reach customers with impactful messaging that drives revenues.


Eradicate waste with full traceability

Reduce overs, track budgets and manage stock levels from production to execution.

Get it right with communication

Enable 2-way comms between frontline teams and head office to ensure 100% display compliance in each location.


Eradicate errors. Get it right in every location.

Incorrect measurements can result in expensive reprints for you and failed campaign for your client! Colateral ensures you get it right and maintain client satisfaction.

Store-specific distribution.

Our always-accurate store profiling means Colateral automatically allocates the correct quantities and variants of each item when building the campaign. So, there’s less chance of getting it wrong.

View each store’s execution before it goes live.

Colateral shows you how the campaign will look in every store before it goes live. So you can compare how your campaign looks in your 12-window mega-store to your 2-window corner shop.

Open comms with frontline teams.

Despite our best efforts, mistakes happen. Colateral opens 2-way communication for frontline teams to capture issues, attach photos and update a master system when layouts change.

Multiple print facilities? No problem.

Ensuring you deliver materials from the nearest location can save money and improve sustainability. Colateral lets you assign suppliers to locations to ensure you always send orders to the right place. And you can track orders through delivery and implementation to catch and avoid errors.

Simplify communication and improve localization.

Align teams across print, marketing, design, operations, and stores to create a flexible and efficient process.

Product Catalog

Populate an online catalog of marketing assets suitable for each location. Store teams can order materials directly from the catalog.

Print On Demand

Colateral lets marketers customize on-brand templates for every location. Then store teams can order their variant directly from printers via the product catalog. So no endless email chains chasing approval.

Full end-to-end traceability.

Colateral records every action, from changing a fixture size to approving an order or receiving a delivery. So you know who did what on every campaign.

Why global retailers trust Colateral.

When you win, we win. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring your business thrives with Colateral. Here are just a few ways we do that.

Dedicated, local account management & support.

We partner with local experts near you to support and guide you to unlock marketing performance.

Go live in days.

Changing your process is complex. But we make it simple by helping to bring your data into Colateral in a matter of days.

Your business operations are safe.

We’re proud to have a 99% uptime rate over the last 6 years. Colateral’s always available when you need it most.