Target customers with localized brand activations.

Plan, manage, and optimize global brand activations in every store with Colateral. Gain full visibility of marketing activations, work with retailers to target customers, and audit in-store execution remotely, to drive marketing performance.

Trusted by global retailers & brands

Digitalise your brand
activation management.

Shred the spreadsheets and eradicate the emails. Colateral unlocks campaign data and equips your teams with the tools to maximize marketing performance.

Visually plan and monitor global activation campaigns.
Reach shoppers with precise messaging and promotions.
Ensure your activations hit stores as planned with 100% certainty.

Engage shoppers as they make purchase decisions.

Up to 82% of shoppers make in-category purchase decisions in-store. Colateral maximizes your marketing efforts to reach your ideal customers when making those decisions.

Target with Segmentation.

Group stores with similar attributes and target buyers with campaigns.

Localization on a global scale.

Create on-brand templates and let marketers or stores localize content for each location.

Analyse & improve performance.

Measure campaign performance against POS data and make improvements to improve performance.

Eradicate marketing inefficiencies.

Colateral’s brand activation management software empowers your teams to save time, reduce costs and increase effectiveness.


Reduction in time to plan and manage campaigns.


Reduction in wasted marketing materials.


Display compliance in every location.

Take control of your brand activations.

Colateral’s brand activation management platform gives you full control of marketing campaign performance.

Reach customers with the right messaging

Unlock insights across your marketing to reach customers with impactful messaging that drives revenues.


Eradicate waste with full traceability

Reduce overs, track budgets and manage stock levels from production to execution.

Get it right with communication

Enable 2-way comms between frontline teams and head office to ensure 100% display compliance in each location.

Plan targeted campaigns with ease

Reach your ideal customers with targeted campaigns and tailored messaging in each location.

Scale brand activations with ease.

Colateral is your platform for in-store marketing. We automate workflows and communications to provide a single source of truth for your campaigns. So you can focus on creating, innovating, and driving revenues.

Align omnichannel campaigns

Your customers don’t differentiate by channel and neither do we. Plan omnichannel campaigns and deploy artwork for social media, in-store or wherever your customers are.
Why global retailers trust
When you win, we win. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring your business thrives with Colateral. Here are just a few ways we do that.

Dedicated, local account management & support.

We partner with local experts near you to support and guide you to unlock marketing performance.

Go live in days.

Changing your process is complex. But we make it simple by helping to bring your data into Colateral in a matter of days.

Your business operations are safe.

We’re proud to have a 99% uptime rate over the last 6 years. Colateral’s always available when you need it most.