End-to-end control of physical marketing campaigns.

Create targeted marketing campaigns around your ideal customer with Colateral’s Campaign management software.

Reach your ideal customer with targeted messaging.

80% Reduction in campaign management time.
60% waste reduction with store-specific distribution.

Plan, produce, and execute
campaigns in every location.

Colateral is your platform for location-based marketing activity. From planning and building campaigns, managing creative, executing in-store, and analyzing performance.

Marketing Campaign Planning.
Segment, target, and plan campaigns with ease.
Not a spreadsheet in sight!

Reach customers with targeted campaigns.

Utilise POS and location data to build campaigns that target stores based on customer demographics and store locations.

Plan marketing campaigns with ease.

Schedule key dates and allocate tasks to different teams in a visual planner so all campaigns go out on time, every time.
Marketing campaign
management made easy.

Launch campaigns in hours, not days.

Shred the spreadsheets and use Colateral’s intuitive campaign management system to build powerful campaigns without confusion. Try our one-click campaign duplication to create a campaign in minutes.

Align teams around a single source of truth.

Share key dates and progress with management, marketing, operations, creative, suppliers, and stores to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Minimise waste. Reduce Costs.

Monitor spending by campaign, store, or material. And ensure you only distribute the required materials to each location.

Maintain visibility throughout execution.

Issue surveys, request photos, and gain real-time feedback from store teams to ensure all campaigns are implemented with 100% accuracy.

Improve your marketing performance.

Learn how Colateral helps companies like yours to manage physical marketing campaigns in multiple locations.

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